St Tropez House Concierge

Our policy is to always go above and beyond for our guests. To make your stay in St Tropez perfect, we offer a 24-hour concierge service.

Transport Saint Tropez

Security Saint Tropez

House-keeping Saint Tropez

Entertainment in Saint Tropez or back home

  • St Tropez House works with DJ Niko for live entertainment. We can provide live DJ and equipment for your parties in Saint Tropez. We also have our own party and chill playlists, and live mixes for you to play in your villa, back at home, on the plane or in the car.

Child Care Saint Tropez

Reservations in Saint Tropez 

  • Restaurants, bars, night clubs, beach clubs including Club 55

Instructors in Saint Tropez

Yacht charter Saint Tropez


  • Hermes bag concierge - we can provide the rarest authentic Hermes Birkin, Kelly or Constance bags.

.. and much more. If we do not list the service you require, please contact us and we will find the solution.