St Tropez Villas with Boat Dock for Rent

Explore the French Riviera from the convenience and comfort of your own villa rental with boat dock. Ideally-located in the heart of one of the world's finest sailing destinations, St Tropez is a fantastic place to base yourself if you love sailing. Our villas enjoy prime locations on the waterfront with stunning sea views and the possibility to explore the delights of the Mediterranean at your leisure. The luxury does not end there, however. You’ll find it difficult to tear yourself away from the sumptuous surroundings of your villa with its comfortable furniture, exclusive design and spectacular features such as professional kitchens, spa facilities and swimming pools. Rest assured, once you do venture out on your boat, you can be certain that your belongings are safe at home, since all our luxury properties come with first-class security. Feel free to ask Emilia about our villas with boat docks to rent.

New St Tropez Villas

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St Tropez

7-12 BEDROOMS - For rent and sale
Rent Villa Rosedemai St Tropez - pool seaview

Villa Rosedemai
St Tropez

5 + 2 BEDROOMS - For Rent
Villa Norman Les Salins St Tropez - main house full view

Villa Norman
Les Salins, Saint Tropez

4 BEDROOMS - For Rent