St Tropez Villas for Rent with Drone Videos

St Tropez House has always endeavoured to offer a truly bespoke service for its discerning clientele, introducing innovation to the luxury real estate industry. Our latest advancement, however, pushes the boundaries of quality service, taking the sales and rental process to dizzying new heights.

Drone technology. We have utilised the revolutionary equipment of unmanned aerial vehicles to further enhance our top quality service.

Take to the air to view our spectacular real estate for sale and rent like never before; soar through the skies to appreciate the splendour of our properties, as well as their ideal locations; gain a more informed understanding before making the decision of choosing from our luxury St Tropez properties for rent and sale. We hope our drone videos of St Tropez properties and their spectacular grounds will help you discover your ideal villa rental in Gassin, Ramatuelle or Pampelonne.

New St Tropez Villas

villa for rent vertige pampelonne bird view

Villa Vertigo
Pampelonne Beach, Ramatuelle

6+2 BEDROOMS - For Rent
villa for rent las brisas ramatuelle pampelonne property

Villa Las Brisas
Pampelonne Beach, Ramatuelle

7 BEDROOMS - For Rent
off-market villas, confidential villas

St Tropez

7-12 BEDROOMS - For rent and sale
villa for rent pampelonne beach ama swimming pool

Villa Ama Pampelonne
Pampelonne Beach, Ramatuelle

7+3 BEDROOMS - For Rent
villa for rent bellazard ramatuelle tahiti birdview

Villa Bellazard
Tahiti, Ramatuelle

9 BEDROOMS - For Rent
villa for rent stellar pampelonne birdview

Villa Stellar
Pampelonne Beach, Ramatuelle

5+2 BEDROOMS - For Rent
villa for rent elegance parc les parcs st tropez property view

Villa Elegance Parc
Les Parcs de Saint Tropez

6 BEDROOMS - For rent and sale
Rent or Buy Villa Vamarine la Croix Valmer

Villa Valmarine
La Croix Valmer

5 BEDROOMS - For rent and sale
Villa Aimee in Sainte Anne - Aerial 2

Villa Aimee
Sainte Anne, Saint Tropez

5 BEDROOMS - For Rent
Villa Mouttier in Saint Tropez - Aerial 2

Villa Mouttier
La Moutte, Saint Tropez

5 BEDROOMS - For Rent
Let Luxury Villa Violaine Ramatuelle Pampelonne Saint Tropez Beach

Villa Violaine
Oumède, Ramatuelle

6 BEDROOMS - For Rent

Villa Le Bastidon
Escalet Beach, Ramatuelle

3 BEDROOMS - For Rent
Holiday Rental villa Lauriers Saint Tropez Place des Lices

Villa Rafa
Escalet Beach, Ramatuelle

4 BEDROOMS - For Rent