Rent a Saint-Tropez villa with fiber optic internet

Netflix with the family, Zoom meetings with colleagues and Skype to keep in touch with loved ones, the importance of a high speed internet connection has become paramount during this time when everything is going online. Saint-Tropez is slowly but surely answering the call of its citizens and summer guests to move closer to the guarantee of fast internet, the fiber optic connection. Thanks to an initiative launched by the village of Saint-Tropez, more and more villas are beginning to benefit from this fiber connection, making them even more attractive to those needing to stay connected during their Saint-Tropez getaway. 

The wide range of internet connections currently available in Saint-tropez make it possible to rest assured that you will be able to stay connected to the outside world while enjoying the golden sunsets of Saint-Tropez, however it is important to be stay informed as to what kind of connection and speed to expect when you arrive at your villa. Let us know what you need and we will ensure you get your connection, and fast!

New St Tropez Villas

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