St Tropez Villas for Rent on a Long Term Let

The worst thing about a holiday in St Tropez is leaving. Why not extend your stay in the beautiful French Riviera town with a luxury villa for rent on a long term let. Our houses are all very accommodating with rooms for guests and staff and facilities that will keep you entertained all year round whatever the weather. Our Saint Tropez villas for rent on a long term let are available for seasonal rental and long term rental either in summer or winter and are even available for a year-long let. Our luxury villas come with great features like hot tubs, swimming pools and gardens to help you relax. For those who need to work while they are away, most of our luxury properties come with Wi-Fi to keep you connected 24/7, plus we offer concierge services to make your life as easy as possible. Our long-term rentals are situated in amazing locations within the Golden Triangle of Ramatuelle, Gassin and St Tropez. Our villa rentals are located close to the beach and it’s easy to access the local nightlife or stay as secluded as you like. Please contact us to find out more about our villas to rent long-term in St Tropez.

New St Tropez Villas

villa for rent escalouis escalet drone view
villa for rent carlo st tropez centre main view
villa for let st tropez canoubiers property view
villa for rent les salins st tropez outdoor rear view
villa for rent gassin golf course st tropez exterior
villa for rent pampelonne regina swimming pool
villa for rent les parcs de st tropez only luxe property view
villa for rent pampelonne beach mistra 55 property front
villa for rent gassin sinopolis treasure property bird view
Rent Villa Les Marres Luxe St Tropez - property
Villa Magnifique for rent in les salins st tropez - property
villa amabelisna for rent st tropez belle isnarde - garden and pool
holiday villa escalet ramatuelle sea lodge swimming pool
villa for rent ramatuelle pampelonne first row exterior property front
Villa My Way for rent in st tropez salins - swimming pool
villa for rent gassin calimer property
villa for rent st tropez place des lices anna property view
villa for rent st tropez route des plages karla property view
Rent Villa Belsview Tahiti St Tropez - property
villa for rent pampelonne kubic property bird view
villa for let st tropez Villa Chianti - birdview
 villa for rent le parcs des st tropez agape property swimming pool
villa for rent st tropez tahiti good hope swimming pool
Rent Villa Costa La Croix Valmer - property view
villa for rent in pampelonne villa sassari bird view
rent villa boulliabaisse st tropez palmieros swimming pool
villa for rent les salins St tropez Villa Agnes -  property
Luxury villa Diana in Pampelonne beach in St Tropez - Main view of the house with swimming pool and tennis court
Luxury 4-bedroom villa Bella Vista close to St Tropez centre - main house
Villa Escaleart in Saint Tropez – Main House
Villa Charming in Saint Tropez – Main House
4-bedroom villa Meggy in St Tropez - main house
Villa Deluxe in Valfere - main house
Rent Villa Romy Ramatuelle - property
Villa Sofia in Saint Tropez - main house
Patch Sea View villa in Ramatuelle - main house
Villa Naiad in Les Salins, St Tropez - swimming pool & garden
Rent Villa Athena St Tropez - property
Villa Katarina in La Moutte St Tropez - house and pool
Rent Villa Birgit in St Tropez - garden
Rent Villa Girolles Ramatuelle -  swimming pool
Rent Villa Bianca Golf de Saint Tropez - entrance gate
rent villa bella route des plages st tropez property
rent modern villa mirage pampelonne property
Villa Treillane in La Moutte St Tropez - garden and pool
Villa Belise La Belle Isnarde St Tropez - pool
Villa Zen in La Moutte St Tropez for rent - property & garden
Rent Villa Kub St tropez Route des Plages - garden
Rent Villa Mas des Oliviers St Tropez Bouillabaisse - view
Villa Farigoule - your Saint Tropez Villa
Rent or Buy Villa Vamarine la Croix Valmer
Luxury Villa Belieu Saint Tropez - Overview