Luxury Villas in Saint Tropez for Rent

St Tropez House specialises in luxury villas in Saint Tropez for rent and sale. Explore our collection of stunning luxury villas in the beautiful French Riviera town for your perfect holiday by the Mediterranean. St Tropez House villas come with a variety of luxury facilities from fitness rooms to boat docks and with a variety of luxury services including maid services and concierge services while accommodating up to 14 people. Saint Tropez is also ideal for long-term luxury villa rentals as it has long been the social centre of the French Riviera, filled with renowned beaches such as La Bouillabaisse and Pampelonne Beach with their fabulous bars and restaurants. Its glamorous reputation precedes it, and many famous faces have vacationed here over the years. Browse St Tropez House’s exclusive selection offers of luxury villas to rent to make the most of the perfect setting. Many of our luxury properties for rent also offer other advantages such as private pools, sea views, proximity to the main towns.

New St Tropez Villas

villa for rent les salins st tropez magnifique property
villa for let st tropez salins my way swimming pool
villa for rent st tropez route des plages karla property view
holiday rental Pampelonne villa Ayapam terrace
Rent Villa Marvellous Saint Tropez Beach
Rent Luxury Villa Kintaparc Saint Tropez
Rent Luxury Villa Rokko Tahiti
Rent Villa Elegance Canoubiers Saint Tropez Thaiti beach
rent villa bellazard tahiti st tropez property night
Luxury villa Diana in Pampelonne beach in St Tropez - Main view of the house with swimming pool and tennis court
4-bedroom villa Meggy in St Tropez - main house
Villa Deluxe in Valfere - main house
Villa Romy in Ramatuelle - main house
Villa Sofia in Saint Tropez - main house
Villa Norman - main house full view
Patch Sea View villa in Ramatuelle - main house
Villa Aimee in Sainte Anne - Aerial 2
rent villa playa st tropez la belle isnarde property
villa for let tahiti st tropez villa la capilla swimming pool
Villa Salins Modern in Saint Tropez - Main view
Villa Vladmoutte in Saint Tropez - House
Villa Naiad in Les Salins, St Tropez - swimming pool photo 3
rent villa la toskana st tropez property
luxury villa for rent in Ramatuelle_terrace
luxury villa for rent in Ramatuelle_terrace
luxury villa for rent in Ramatuelle_general
villa for rent st tropez domaine de la castellane villa castelanne property
Villa Dunes - house
villa for rent pampelonne villa crazy property
Villa Elegante in Pampelonne - main house
rent villa les parcs de saint tropez escandihade bridview
Luxury Sea Side Villa Vieilles Pierres in Saint Tropez - main house
rent villa pampelonne beach modernity bathroom property view
rent modern villa mirage pampelonne property
Luxury villa St Tropez with swimming pool
rent villa ramatuelle property
rent villa elegance canoubiers swimming pool