Villas for rent near Pampelonne beach

Enjoy instant access to one of the world's most famous coastlines and discover the wonder of life in a luxury villa to rent near Pampelonne beach. Our portfolio of Pampelonne holiday rentals includes houses to rent on or behind Pampelonne Beach, in Ramatuelle. The villas in this coveted area are all located in front of the Route Des Plages and include houses to let in Tahiti, vacation rentals behind Nikki Beach on Boulevard Epi, villas to rent behind Club 55 on Boulevard Patch, and houses down La Route de Moulins.

New St Tropez Villas

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villa for rent la vigna pampelonne birdview
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Villa Oliver next to the Pampelonne beach in Saint Tropez - main house view
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Luxury villa Diana in Pampelonne beach in St Tropez - Main view of the house with swimming pool and tennis court
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Why rent a house close to Pampelonne beach?

Pampelonne holiday rentals will suit beach lovers who want to be within walking distance from one of the most prestigious beaches in the world. Rent a property in the Pampelonne district to be close to Club 55, Nikki Beach and other exclusive St Tropez beach clubs. Why not take the time to relax and enjoy exquisite waterfront meals with family and friends, as well as unbridled evening entertainment just a short walk from your luxury residence. Renting a house in Pampelonne also means you are within a short drive from the myriad attractions of Saint Tropez, Gassin’s golf course and its multitude of wonderful restaurants. What's more, you can revel in the rustic charm of the beautiful village of Ramatuelle.

What is the cost of a villa to rent on Pampelonne?

A villa rental on Pampelonne Beach or in the area of Pampelonne will cost from 15,000€/week to 150,000€/week. St Tropez House only rents villas on Pampelonne for two weeks or more as the owners prefer longer stays. Contact Emilia for more information about villa prices for holiday rentals in Pampelonne.  

Need more persuasion? Take a look at our beautiful properties near Pampelonne beach and start planning out your trip to the South of France today.

Is Ramatuelle the location of top Pampelonne beach clubs?  

The area of Ramatuelle is home to the iconic sands of Pampelonne beach and its selection of top beach clubs. It is also a highly-sought after area for renting a luxury villa for a summer getaway. From legendary beach parties to its medieval village perched on the hill, Ramatuelle offers a wide range of attractions to guests visiting the South of France. 


What are important road turns to know when driving to the best beach clubs in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle? 

There are 5 main turns off of Route des Plages to access the top beach clubs of Pampelonne. One turn will lead you to; Club 55,Cap 21, La Serena and Byblos for instance while another with pave the way to Loulou Ramatuelle, Les Palmiers, Shellona and Tiki beach. All of these roads lead to white sandy beaches and Saint Tropez beach party fun in many different forms. Visit the St Tropez House blog for the Ultimate Guide to the Pampelonne Beach Area.

What are the best beach clubs in Pampelonne? 

Saint Tropez is known internationally for its beach clubs along Pampelonne. From legendary, well established beach clubs such as Club 55 to modern and flawlessly chic clubs such as Gigi Ramatuelle, Saint Tropez beach clubs provide the perfect beach atmosphere for any group. From family friendly to an ultra-party vibe, ask St Tropez House which beach clubs are recommended for your guest party. 

Visit the Ultimate Guide to Pampelonne Beach Clubs on the St Tropez House blog for more detailed information. 

What is the best Pampelonne beach club for a pool party? 

Nikki Beach on Pampelonne Beach 

Renowned as the perfect place to experience the Saint Tropez beach club party vibe, Nikki Beach is one of the hottest spots along the Pampelonne stretch. Welcoming top DJ’s and countless celebrities to its beaches and restaurant, Nikki beach clubs is not to be missed. 

Which beach club has got a special area for children?

Gigi Ramatuelle

Gigi Ramatuelle took Saint Tropez by storm in 2021 with its innovative amenities  and delicious Tuscan cuisine. It’s elegant design and pristine sandy surroundings make it a picturesque place to spend a summer day with family and friends. The unique features of this beach club include Gigi Circus, a special supervised play area for children, a Bellini bar with swimming pool and a wellness area. 

Which is the most famous beach club on Pampelonne? 

Club 55 in Ramatuelle

The most famous and longest standing beach club in Saint Tropez where Brigitte Bardot and countless celebrities have spent many a summer day is Club 55. Offering a flavor-filled, Provencal style menu and pristine sandy beaches, Club 55 is where VIP guests go to see and be seen each summer. 

Which beach club has the best parties?

Loulou Ramatuelle

Spend a summer day with Loulou Ramatuelle beach club on Pampelonne and enjoy the romantic spirit of the 1950s on the French Riviera. With a stunning ambiance and creative Mediterranean cuisine by Executive Chef Benoit Dargère, Loulou is sure to impress all those who visit its pristine beach and dance the night away to its special DJ sets. 

Which beach club on Pampelonne comes from Tulum, Mexico? 

Casa Amor on Pampelonne beach

Experience the romance of Tulum on the sands of Pampelonne in Ramatuelle at this boho-chic beach club. Enjoy delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine while lounging under the sun and listening to live Mexican musicians. Casa Amor on Pampelonne beach is the perfect place to relax while vacationing in Saint Tropez. 

Which beach club has got a top chef? 

Verde in Ramatuelle on Pampelonne beach

Verde beach club is a top beach club on Pampelonne beach in Ramatuelle. With top Chef Yannick Plassart at the helm of its Mediterranean restaurant and a one of a kind contemporary chic atmosphere, Verde is on the top of many celebrities' list of must visit beach clubs in Saint Tropez. Many refer to Verde as the ‘best beach club in Saint Tropez’. 

Which Pampelonne beach club is the most sophisticated? 

La Réserve on the beach of Pampelonne

La Réserve is an elegant beach club in Ramatuelle on the iconic sands of Pampelonne. It boasts a relaxed atmosphere, exceptional designs, pristine beach and Mediterranean restaurant. The exclusive and cosy surroundings of La Réserve make it highly recommended for those wanting to avoid the bustle of the main beach and relax under the Saint Tropez sun in total bliss. 

Which beach club is the part of Byblos Hotel?  

Byblos beach club in Ramatuelle

The family-friendly and stylish atmosphere of the legendary Byblos are unparalleled and make it sit amongst the top beach clubs in Saint Tropez. Offering a delicious menu inspired by Mediterranean ingredients, Byblos impresses season after season with its chic decor, impeccable service, delectable food and relaxed atmosphere. 

Which beach club in Pampelonne has got a friendly and relaxed vibe? 

La Serena in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle

La Serene beach club offers a laid back atmosphere on the sands of Pampelonne beach and boasts fantastic dishes and menu at its beach restaurant. A perfect place to visit with children, La Serena is known for its zen vibe, commitment to sustainability and top service. 

Which beach club in Pampelonne is the most green & eco? 

Le 1051 beach club in Ramatuelle

Le 1051 is a beach club on Pampelonne which enjoys a long history and boasts exceptional service with a unique ‘eco-chic’ atmosphere. With a special commitment to being eco-friendly, this beach club is dedicated to the overall well-being of nature and humankind alike and offers healthy juices and fresh local dishes which are sure to make guests feel fresh and sunny during their stay. 

Which beach club is one of the oldest on Pampelonne? 

Moorea on Pampelonne beach

Moorea is a stunning beach club in Ramatuelle on the sands of Pampelonne. Its special features which keep guests coming back each summer include a wellness area, coffee bar, private beach and summer boutique. It also boasts a Mediterranean inspired menu at its restaurant. 

Which beach club is located on Tahiti beach in Pampelonne?  

Tahiti beach club in Pampelonne

Known as the most family-friendly beach club in Pampelonne, Tahiti beach welcomes guests to enjoy all that summer life in Ramatuelle has to offer from gourmet cuisine to a pizzeria and self-service options. This special beach is easily accessible by boat, car or helicopter and is the perfect place to lay back and soak in the French Riviera sun. 

Which beach club on Pampelonne is famous for the best parties?

Bagatelle top beach club on Pampelonne

Guests looking for a flawlessly chic beach club experience will head to Bagatelle beach club on the legendary sands of Pampelonne to spend their sunny days and glamorous beach evenings. Serving refined Mediterranean dishes on pristine sandy beaches, Bagatelle exceeds expectations in every way and allows guests to experience the full romance of Saint Tropez beach club lifestyle. 

Which beach club on Pampelonne offers Greek cuisine? 

Shellona beach club in Ramatuelle

Shellona is a glamorous beach club located in Ramatuelle on Pampelonne beach and boasts another location in Saint Barths. Serving delicious Greek cuisine against the backdrop of its pristine white sand beach, Shellona is guaranteed to impress both day and night with its live DJ sets and overall fabulous beach atmosphere. 

Which beach club is located in Bonne Terrasse part of Pampelonne? 

Cabane Bambou on Pampelonne beach

The ideal boho chic beach club to enjoy a day with friends while vacationing in Saint Tropez, Cabane Bambou beach club on Pampelonne offers a relaxed yet elegant setting to spend the day under the golden French Riviera sun. With its easily recognisable bamboo path leading the way to this beach oasis, guests can expect creative cuisine and pristine beaches at Cabane Bambou in Ramatuelle. 

Which beach club is the most boho-chic on Pampelonne? 

Indie Beach House on Pampelonne beach Ramatuelle

Indie Beach House in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle is an international jet-setters paradise with its nomad-inspired design, international menu and stunning sand beach. This stylish Pampelonne beach club is the perfect place to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the French Riviera and spend quality time with friends and family while on holiday.