Villas for rent in La Moutte, St Tropez

Discover our exquisite selection of luxury villas available for holiday rental in the sought-after Saint Tropez district of La Moutte and Parc La Moutte. Close to the beaches of Plage de la Moutte and Treilles de la Moutte, these stunning properties are a short drive from Saint Tropez. All located in a private area. Please contact us to reserve at least six months in advance as these properties to let are booked up very quickly.

New St Tropez Villas

villa for rent voss la moutte birdview
Villa Vladmoutte in Saint Tropez - House
Villa Katarina in La Moutte St Tropez - house and pool
Villa Treillane in La Moutte St Tropez - garden and pool
Villa Zen in La Moutte St Tropez for rent - property & garden
Villa Mouttier in Saint Tropez - Aerial 2
rent villa kris st tropez la moutte terrace

Rent a villa in La Moutte, St Tropez

The private estate of Les Parcs de la Moutte is made up of stunning luxury villas and is a highly sought-after area of St Tropez. Within walking distance of Plage de la Moutte, a 300m sandy beach edged with bamboo, guests can meander down to the shore in minutes and take in the beautiful surroundings.