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OFF-MARKET VILLAS, St Tropez, En venta y en alquiler


There are a large number of villas in Saint Tropez and Ramatuelle which are off-market or 'quiet' properties, meaning owners do not wish to have their property advertised. It is for this reason that it is pertinent for us to know your full search criteria so we may recommend villas from this exclusive group of properties in our collection.

Presented to you one-to-one or during an arranged visit, these non-publicised properties are often those which are highly-sought after and rented 3-6 months prior to the summer season.

Prices of off-market villas range from 150,000 EUR/week to 450,000 EUR/week. 

Off-market villas feature:

  • Spacious and luxurious interiors
  • Extensive, manicured gardens
  • Spa facilities: indoor swimming pools, hammams, saunas, massage rooms.
  • Sports premises: fitness rooms, tennis courts, paddle courts, basketball courts
  • Multiple swimming pools 
  • Cinema rooms, billiard rooms, games rooms
  • Bars and entertainment spaces
  • Helipads with up to date regulations specifying the number of landings per week
  • Fiber optic internet, iPad controlled intelligent home systems
  • Advanced security systems
  • Dedicated staff (chefs, butlers, maids, security etc)

Contact* Emilia to discover more about our off-market properties for rent and discuss your search. 

*For security reasons, before sharing files, you will be asked to share your complete profile and/or your business email and phone number.