St Tropez House noted a gap of information available to their clients wanting to purchase property and launched an ambitious initiative to create a never before seen Sales Report specific to the luxury market of Saint Tropez. Drawing from the most recent government statistics, the St Tropez House team translated this data into tangible and comprehensive terms which buyers can now use to their utmost advantage!

It is important to note that the latest confirmed governmental statistics available are dated from 2019, as the full registration of sales transactions in France takes up to 2 years. It is for this reason that the St Tropez House Sales Report was created as an estimative document which conveys the differences between areas and pricing in the most comprehensive manner possible. 


Villa Elegance Parc, Les Parcs de Saint Tropez, Uthyres och till salu


Masterful design and modern luxury are uniquely embodied in the Elegance Parc villa (sized 450m²) built in 2013. This luxury villa is conveniently located near a beach and the Saint Tropez center. It offers:

6 bedrooms + 6 bathrooms
Double living room
Dining room
1 kitchen with extra space
1 dressing room
Heated pool
Pool house

The gorgeous neo-provencal designed luxury villa in Les Parcs Saint Tropez, makes it the ideal choice for modern art enthusiasts. All materials have been carefully selected and meticulously crafted. All rooms have exquisite furniture, polished wooden floors, and marble touches. This rental villa can accommodate up to 12 guests and is pet friendly.

The private villa is based on a generously sized (4500m²) private land. Ideal for larger guest gatherings, outdoor dinners, and barbeques. It is surrounded by beautiful mediterranean trees which isolate the property from outside, giving guests maximum privacy. At the same time the property his well protected, and secured by guards. Guests also have access to a large heated pool accompanied by a pool house